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Mastering engagement and conflict is central to healthy innovative leaders and teams.

What if you and your team had a simple and eloquent method to accelerate momentum to peak performance and innovation?

➢ Productive Positive Engagement
➢ Confidence to Collaborate and explore Possibilities
➢ Freedom from Resistance

Spiral Impact is that method.

Have you ever thought, “I wish this conflict would go away”? In the video below, Karen explores how conflict is the beginning of innovation — do you know how to make conflict innovative instead of destructive?  

Have you ever just quit engaging because of conflict?  Disengagement is a huge cost for people personally and for organizations in growth.   You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Yet, conflict is just the juice for learning.

Ever wish you could be a superhero and transform stuck situations?

Spiral Impact is grounded in the martial art aikido, the art of reconciliation. Spiral Impact is also informed by Karen Valencic’s pragmatic background in mechanical engineering. It is both practical and powerful.

Spiral impact is about power, not force.

Come explore! 

How much does destructive conflict cost your organization?  When small issues are not attended to, bigger events happen.  Take a look at this narrated slide show and learn how conflict is like water!  And, what it costs.

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